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"We develop innovative, state-of-the-art experiences and technologies so our partners can focus on what they do best; sell fantastic products and build great financing programs and services."



At FINCARD, we specialize in developing innovative, contactless technologies that are designed to bring financing applications directly to your mobile device. Our cutting-edge solutions provide a seamless transition between the world of finance and your personal life, all while ensuring exceptional security and privacy. We are passionate about helping people take control of their financial future and we believe that everyone deserves access to the tools and resources they need to achieve their financial goals.


Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive financing platform that allows businesses to manage all facets of their finances in one place. Learn more about our team and our mission to support small businesses.


Our vertical-specific financing solution is revolutionizing the way contractors approach their financing needs. Our technology platform enables contractors to manage their finances more efficiently, freeing up their time to focus on what matters most, their projects. We are passionate about working with contractors to ensure they have what they need to grow their business and achieve their goals. 


Our focus on interactive experiences tied to retail digital signage is what sets us apart in the industry. We believe that mobile technology has the power to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers, and our aim is to create seamless experiences that will delight and enhance engagement.


FINCARD is the industry leader in self-service device payment solutions, thanks to our revolutionary waterfall credit cascade financing technique. 


FINCARD is at the forefront of the financing industry with our revolutionary self-service financing kiosk platform. Our innovative approach provides a simple and convenient way for individuals and businesses alike to secure financing quickly. 


With FINCARD, businesses now have at their disposal a top-tier financial technology company that offers a powerful private-label financing portal. With our expertise and top-notch services, businesses can easily streamline their financing operations, satisfy their clients, and increase revenue.


We are committed to providing innovative technology solutions that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With our strong roots in enterprise consulting and carrier-grade telecoms, we have the expertise needed to help your business succeed.


A technology company founded to revolutionize point-of-sale transactions. Revolutionizes the way businesses accept payments, providing secure and convenient payment options. 


At FINCARD, we are more than just a technology company; we are a community of dedicated and passionate professionals who share a common vision. Our employees are essential to our mission, and we are committed to their growth and professional development. We strive to maintain a culture that promotes innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Our nine fundamental principles guide us in everything we do, and we believe they are the foundation of our success. Join us at FINCARD and be a part of a community that values diversity, inclusion, and service excellence.

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Open Doors

Our managers always have an open door, so employees feel free to provide input on decision-making and production processes, or simply to seek guidance in their daily work or in their career trajectory.

FINCARD professional development

Professional Development

We invest in our employees, with comprehensive programs for professional development and generous financial assistance for those who wish to pursue continuing education.

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Performance Evaluation

We view performance evaluation as a participatory process that evolves over time. Each year, employees and supervisors work together to identify and assess their progress toward clearly defined objectives and goals.

FINCARD Flexibility


Information technology and international project management require agility and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our global clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative and innovative solutions our clients need.

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Honesty & Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for honesty, integrity, trust, and transparency within our organization and when interacting with our global clients.

FINCARD avaibility


No matter where our clients are located, they can access clear and detailed information about our progress on their projects around the clock.


Meet the talented team that keeps FINCARD at the forefront of technological innovation. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization, ensuring that we are equipped to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

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